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Insight to help you understand our work and  your fence or railing choices.

Learn Fence

Since most "off the shelf" sections don't meet a home's needs, a fence design firm can match your fence and railing to the look, style, and unique needs.

SUBMITTED:       Pro Fence Design

POSTED:               October 2021

Fence deign engineer at work

Not all contractors are created equal. Determine the differences in services, products and their effect on the price of a project. 

SUBMITTED:       Pro Fence Design

POSTED:               January 2022

Fence contractor installing pickets

Any of these may occur after installation for which contractors who stand behind their work and products will quickly fix.

SUBMITTED:       Pro Fence Design

POSTED:               April 2022

Victorian Scalloped Match Privacy Back_edited.jpg

Though there are a number of wood species used to build fence and railing. Your location has a lot to do with your choices. 

SUBMITTED:       Pro Fence Design 

POSTED:                July 2022

Wood types used in fence

Get an overview of "Fence" to learn some words and terms you may hear on site.  Think of it as a brief course in the language fence contractors speak so you can follow along. 

SUBMITTED:       Pro Fence Design 

POSTED:              October 2022

Hand on top of fence railing

Before a fence is installed, some properties need to have the fence line cleared of brush, shrub, or even trees. While a fence contractor can take care of the little stuff, at times more effort and cost are required.

SUBMITTED:       Pro Fence Design 

POSTED:                January 2023

clear line.png has something to do with costs and value.  Learn why and take a lesson in some material science.

SUBMITTED:       Pro Fence Design 

POSTED:               April 2023

Shiny fence panel and matte fence panel

Recognize who owns what and then see some options around this inevitable choice in wood privacy fence.

SUBMITTED:       Pro Fence Design 

POSTED:               May 2023

Good Side versus Bad Side in Fence

Whether caused by road traffic, commercial spaces or just the "neighbors", fence heights and materials can greatly reduce ambient noise.

SUBMITTED:       Pro Fence Design  - A Re-Post

POSTED:               August 2023

Fence Soundproofing.jpeg

The most frequently used section of your fence is its gate. All gates are not created equal and the best ones provide design and structural benefits. 

SUBMITTED:       Pro Fence Design 

POSTED:               November 2023

welded and cross reinforced gate.jpg

Learn more about this important and required consideration for your backyard addition. 

SUBMITTED:       Pro Fence Design  

POSTED:              January 2024

pool magna latch.jpeg

Paint vs. Solid Stain


Staining a fence

Types of Chain Link Fence and Uses


Galvanized chain link fence
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