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Installing the top rail of a vinly fence panel


Know what happens leading up to, during and after your fence installation.

We detail each phase of our work up to, during and after install. Instead of wondering what is happening with your project, you get updates along the way, regular engagement with your design-engineer and the best warranties in the market.

One Week Before 

Call Before You Dig yard flags
A stack of cedar wood fence panels ready for delivery to a client's site
Clearing a fence line before installation

We checked utility lines 

with local and state utility companies before we dig

Your materials are ready

and staged for us to reconfirm with you an install date

Are your fence lines cleared?

we need 4' on each side to install. 

Installation Day

Pro Fence Design truck on site
Marking the line of a Pro Fence install site
Installing vinly fence

Our team arrives

and we begin off-loading materials

We walk the line with you

to review our proposed plan and make any adjustments 

We start installing

section by section, picket by picket

Post settling and leveling during an install
Checking fence gates for plumb and hinge tension.
Site clean up after install

We regularly control

our work, fence lines to level, post hole depth and secured panels 

Attention to gates

to ensure these important points are balanced and close smoothly

Site clean up

with a yard blow out and wash down of your fence 

After Install

Quality control after install
pro fence design installation checklist.jpg
After install servicing and warranty

We quality control (QC)

each fence line, panel and construction point

Our checklist 

validates our work and reviews all warranties

We stand by our work

for any needed touch ups, gate adjustments and warranty work


We joke that "Mother Earth does not like us putting holes in her ground" and that she may revolt a bit after installation.  This natural settling of the fence into concrete and the change of the seasons may produce some results typical to a fence install, all of which we are familiar and ready to quickly address.

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