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Power washing a fence

Refresh & Renew

versus replace any fence or railing with a wash, repairs or full reconditioning.

A dirty fence or one with a few broken panels does not necessarily mean a full replacement. While it may be clear to when a new fence in order, some fences and railings just need some care and maintenance. We cover all the steps to completely refresh and renew a fence with cleaning, repairs or a complete reconditioning. 


Mildew fence pickets to be cleaned
Brushing and washing a fence
Power washing a crossbuck fence

Get rid of algae buildup

from water accumulation, grass clippings, pollen and dirt which makes a good fence look old

Spray and scrub

of the whole fence and hard to reach places with a bio-friendly, landscape-safe solution

Water clean and rinse

with low PSI water jets that will not damage or chip away at wood, paint and/or damage vinyl parts


Broken vinly fence panel ready to be repaired
Reattaching loose or broken pickets
Rebalancing a gate for better swing and closure

Reassemble Damaged Vinyl

pickets, rails, posts, gates and hardware components

Reattach or Replace

wood or metal sections or fence components damaged by trees

Rebalance Gates

by adjusting hinges or replacing worn or rusty hardware


Lattice topper for cedar privacy fence
Wire weld for pool code added to split rail fence
Painting a fence a custom color

Add New Designs

such as fence toppers, new sections of fence or add gates

Meet Pool Code

by adding the required components to an existing fence 

Retouch or Recolor

your fence with matching paint or recolor an entire fence or railing line

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