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Fence Line Clearing:
WHO Does What

Before a fence is installed, some locations need to have the fence line cleared of brush, shrub, or trees. While a fence contractor can take care of the little stuff, at times more effort and cost are required.

Clearing a Fence Line


POSTED:               January 2023

A fence contractor will need at least 4' on each side of a fence line to do their work and cannot be expected to work in or through an area flush with bushes or trees. If there is vegetation in the way, an experienced contractor will detail the following options to you.

Fence line clearing will be;

  • Part of the fence installation service

  • Responsibility of the homeowner

  • Sub contracted out by fence contractor

Part of the Service 

Installers tend to be a pretty rugged bunch and not phased by small bushes in the way.  With a pair of loppers in hand, they will be able to trim an area for their fence line and dig up or through small to mid-sized underbrush. Your contractor will agree to this service in their proposal and estimate should it be something they can easily handle. 

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Arranged by the Homeowner

Some homeowners take it upon themselves to clear the line or assign it to their dedicated landscape services.  The fence contractor will mark the line for the landscaper to clear and help coordinate with them or the homeowner. 

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Subcontracted Out

Landscapers and fence contractors cross paths often and use each other frequently. If a fence line has substantial brush to clear or trees, your installer can quickly arrange this subcontracted service and include it a part of your installation.

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Speak with a Pro 

Speaking with an experienced fence designer or installer can answer a number of questions ahead of any fence or railing project. Get input on material choices, fence types, models, regulations and project timelines from one of our pros.

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