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Designer Working on a Pro Fence Design Rendition for a Client

& Engineering

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Our years of experience are built into a proven process we complete for each project.

What to Expect 

We transform the normal customer experience of "needing a fence", to truly wanting one. Using traditional engagement and proprietary software, we deepen client experiences with tools and unique approaches including before-and-after renditions of your fence so you can see the 

A Google Maps view of a home we use to plan for your fence installation
A Pro Fence Designer on site working with a client
A Pro Fence Design Engineer assessign a property and its land grade

We do research ahead of time

 with Google Maps on your location, style of home and property layout 

We come prepared

and ready to collaborate on design with images and ideas

We see the entire project

including fence runs, grade and visualize top lines

Pro Fence Design's laser level sighting of lines
A Pro Fence Design rendition coming to life
Pro Fence Design client assessing one of our proposals

We collect  precise data

with traditional and laser measurement tools

We creatively design

and show you renderings of your fence before-and-after

We deliver PROPOSALS

of your fence project in electronic and hardcopy 

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